High School Anglers

College Fishing and Education

There are infinite reasons to fish at the collegiate level. Just a few that we found as the most important are: Competing in tournaments while earning a degree, learning the fishing industry/making connections, and the opportunity to fish professionally. One of the most important aspects to college fishing is that it allows you to compete in the sport you love all while earning an education to help your life in the future. Most college fishing teams cover your expenses for travel, entry fees, and more just to compete for their school.

Next, is learning the fishing industry and making connections. Fishing in college allows you to learn how the fishing industry works because you will be hands on in helping your college program earn fishing sponsorships, outside sponsorships, and working with companies on items like jerseys and boat wraps. Through fishing in college, you will make connections with established fishing companies and with other collegiate anglers who will become the new faces in the industry. Connections are priceless and college fishing is one of the best ways to connect. Lastly, is the chance to move on to the next level of your fishing career. Not only will you improve as an angler during your time as a collegiate angler, because of the talent you will be competing against, but you will also have the chance to compete in the various national championships that put you on the fast track to fishing at the highest level. College fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and looks to add you as one of its newest talented anglers.



There are two distinct ways to earn a college fishing scholarship. The first way to earn a fishing scholarship is to compete in high school fishing state tournaments and national championships. Colleges and tournament trails are giving out scholarship money to anglers that compete and win the high school events. The second way to earn a college fishing scholarship is by impressing the college with your fishing ability, character, and social media presence. This is the more traditional way to earn scholarships throughout the sports landscape.  Our program has helped multiple anglers receive scholarship offers by grabbing the attention of the colleges for our anglers.


As experts on the fishing landscape and recruiting process we have found the best ways for anglers to grab the attention of college fishing teams. Colleges are looking for solid anglers. A solid angler consists of tournament fishing experience, diversity, and consistency. The angler needs to show they have experience in tournament fishing. This proves to the college program they are serious about the sport. After looking for tournament fishing experience, collegiate programs look for fishing diversity. This is because a college angler will travel throughout the country to compete. This means they will be fishing bodies of water that they have never fished before. Diversity allows anglers to adapt to different lakes and conditions showing the college teams that you can compete at the next level. The last attribute to a solid angler is consistency. Showing that you compete in a lot of tournaments and fish at different types of lakes is great for experience. Consistency is the final and most important attribute. An angler needs to prove they can put fish in the boat consistently no matter what lake or situation you are in. This will help you stand out against other high school anglers and get the most attention from collegiate fishing teams.


No, if you join a high school tournament series, they will try to pair you with an angler who has a boat and needs a fishing partner. Be sure to reach out to the tournament director and ask their policy before joining.


College fishing is one of the fast-growing sports in the country. There are a magnitude of opportunities and just like any other college sport you do have the chance to compete at the professional level. Many fail to understand that the future of professional fishing is at the college level and that the professional industry is looking for committed young anglers to be the face for the future. This means the competition will be fun because some of the best young anglers in the world will compete head to head. Unlike high school fishing, college anglers do not have a boat captain and it is up to the anglers alone to operate the boat and find the sweet spot on the lake. To compete in college, you must make sure to maintain good standings with your school and your academic career. You do not need a boat to compete in college, but it will improve your chances of competing at every event if you have one.  As you begin your college fishing career expect to meet new friends as you travel the country and compete against individuals with the same love and passion for the sport as yourself.


We bet you saw somewhere that you shouldn’t worry about getting sponsorships, sponsors will come to you and that you should focus on becoming a better angler.  This is all true in some cases, but if you don’t reach out or worry about sponsors, you’re limiting yourself and your knowledge. Also, you do not have to be a great angler to get a fishing sponsor.  There are great anglers that can’t sell a dime of their sponsors’ products and this makes you worthless to a sponsor. If you want a sponsor you need to be business savvy and you need to be able to help their company grow and help sell their product or service. Whether this is social media, word of mouth, or advertisement you need to make yourself a valuable and rewarding asset before you reach out. It’s about what you can do for them not what they can do for you.