How to Earn a College Fishing Scholarship


High School anglers around the country have asked Top Tier Fishing the same question over and over. How do I earn a college fishing Scholarship? Although its never a guarantee, we will be answering that exact question for you.

YOU as a high school angler can improve your chances of earning a fishing scholarship. Through my experience on the Top Tier Fishing staff and helping multiple anglers earn fishing scholarships, I have seen first hand the best way to do so. There are a few different aspects to college fishing that you will need to know first.

Colleges need sponsorship money to run their programs, Colleges need talented anglers, and colleges need high character teammates. These are the three ways you can prove your value to these schools to help earn a fishing scholarship

Colleges Need Sponsorships

First lets talk about Sponsorship money. Colleges NEED sponsorship money to help pay for expenses for the year. Traveling to different lakes around the country costs money. Hotels, food, gas, and more can really deteriorate a budget. Without money from local and national sponsors the teams would have to pay out of pocket for all of these aspects. As you can see this is a very important part of college fishing. The best way to take advantage of this is by creating a social media following or proving that you can develop a relationship with personal sponsors. The social media following allows the college program to utilize your following as leverage for possible new sponsors. The more eyes on your social media the easier the sell for a team sponsorship. If you can’t provide a social media following that’s o.k. Spend some time learning how to earn personal sponsorships. By doing this you can show a college that you can sell a spot on their jersey and help them build their budget.

Colleges Need Skilled Anglers

Next is talent. Talent is a huge component of earning a fishing scholarship because colleges want to compete at the highest level. You need to prove that you are a skilled angler. You can achieve this by competing in as many tournaments as possible. Competing in tournaments gives you more experience than anglers helping to separate yourself from the others who are also trying to earn a limited amount of scholarships. You need to be able to put fish in the boat consistently so having solid finishes all the time is a big component of being a skilled angler. These are some great ways to prove your value but the best way to show that you can fish at the college level is by adapting. What do I mean by adapting? College anglers fish bodies of water they have never been to in their lives. Sometimes these tournaments can be half way across the country. Great college anglers can adapt to any fishery and constantly put fish in the boat. For you to add value you need to fish diverse bodies of water and continue to put fish in the boat. Compete at tournaments in different regions. Whether that is fishing different regions in your state or different regions in the country try your best to compete in tournaments in a variety of fisheries.

Colleges Need High Character Individuals

Lastly, Colleges want high character individuals. You will be representing more than yourself once you reach the level of college fishing. The name on the front of the jersey is most important, that is your University. College programs are looking for anglers that will represent their programs with the highest integrity. Show your character by being a part of your community whether that is community service or just helping out the local fishing club, find ways to prove that you care and are willing to give back.

All of these steps can help you exponentially improve your chances of a fishing scholarship but without exposure these steps will have no avail. This is where our program comes in. Top Tier Fishing has the attention of colleges around the country. We get you the exposure you need and a profile to prove your value through the steps you followed above. Our platform is a proven commodity for colleges to find the best anglers in the country so do not miss out on the opportunity to create the most buzz around your fishing career. Let us get your name out to the colleges so you can focus on the other aspects of your fishing career.

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  1. Great Article! This is what comes right down to it. Experience, Experience, Experience is the greatest thing you can do to achieve at the next level in the college fishing world. Although, without top tier fishing your experience is not properly shown in order to jump to that next level. Take that personal experience from me this is where your hard work and dedication gets noticed!

  2. Hello, My name is Josh Price. I fish in the B.A.S.S Western Series in North Carolina. My goal is to commit to a college for bass fishing and succeed in my career. I would love too have ur help!

    1. Josh!
      Tell us a little about what you are looking for in a college. We have a pretty solid team down here filled with people and we have a blast!

  3. I am a freshman this year ,I am looking to peruse my passion of fishing , and want to take my skill to the next level to become a professional bass angler.

  4. My name is Ashton Burton and I am a High school angler.. I hope to continue to climb to the college level and grow further in the sport! I went to state my first year on the team at Argyle High School. How do I get into contact with colleges about joining their team?

    1. Through our website you will be able to contact the colleges directly when you become a member!

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