How to get a Fishing Sponsor

(Austin King- Former collegiate angler, BFL Pro, and Top Tier Fishing team member)

Hey guys, my name is Austin King. I am a former college angler, Bfl pro and Top Tier Fishing team member. I’ve heard this phrase multiple times, “how do you get some many fishing sponsors bro”? Well today I’m going to answer that question and hopefully you can take this information and get a great sponsorship!

Types of Sponsors.
The first and one of the most important things to know about sponsorships is the type you are stepping into. There are 3 different types of sponsorships that I will go over in this blog. I will list the 3 below, be sure to take in this information because it’s the most important to know!

Discount Sponsor:
The first and most easy to obtain is going to be a discount sponsorship. Have you ever seen an ad where a company is looking for pro staff members? Well that’s pretty much what a discount sponsorship is. They will offer you a discount on their products for advertisement and promotions. Almost anyone can obtain these and I suggest if you love a brand try to get on their pro team to save a little bit of cash!

Product Sponsor:
The second sponsorship I’ll go over today is going to be a product sponsorship. This type will be a little harder for the average joe to obtain and will take a little bit of knowledge to conquer. What you will receive for this type of sponsorship will be a company’s products for free for
brand advertisement and promotion!

Money Sponsor:
The third and by far the hardest to obtain will be a money sponsorship. A money sponsor is at the elite level of sponsorships and will take a business savvy fisherman to obtain. What you will receive through this type of sponsorship will be CASH for advertisement and promotions. You
will also receive discounts and free products, so this is the best type of sponsorship out there!

What Companies Look For:
Now that you understand the different types of sponsorships, let’s go over how to obtain one. If you readed through the different types of sponsors you will see a common factor in them. All companies need advertising and promotion, with that being said what do you think you should
get good at? The best possible way you can help a fishing business is through social media. This advenue will allow you to reach the largest audience possible in a niche market, but you can also use word of mouth to promote a business. This ability will determine which level of sponsorship
you can obtain for yourself. The more of an audience you can reach the higher level of fishing sponsorship you can obtain.

Obtaining a Discount Sponsorship:
If you are looking for a discount sponsorship, the easiest way to find one is to go to google search and type in the name of the company with pro staff application following behind it. This is extremely easy to obtain and find. Once you google search this be sure to click the link that says pro staff application and fill out the information! I will use Woo Tungsten pro staff as an explanation in the image below!!!

Obtaining a Product/Money Sponsorship:
When it comes to getting a product sponsorship or money sponsorship it won’t be quite as easy! When it comes to these types of sponsorships most companies will reach out to you for help on promotion and advertisement. This means you need to separate yourself from every other angler
and convey your ability to promote and advertise successfully. You need to create an engaged audience on social media that will believe in the products that you use. This will take a ton of hard work and you need to be able to put fish in the boat for people to believe in what you do! I
will be returning with another article later explaining how to grow a fishing social media account to help you guys get the best sponsorship of them all! I hope you enjoyed this information and it answered any question you may have about fishing sponsorships.

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